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Account Dashboard

To view the FullCtl Account Dashboard (aka aaaCtl), go to:, enter username (or email address) and password and click Login.

The Account Dashboard has three tabs - Organization Dashboard, User Account and Billing.

Organization Dashboard = access to FullCtl applications, Users and Organization API Keys. This information is managed by Organization Administrators.

User Account = edit personal account information, view Organization invitations, change preferences, access authentication, set personal API keys, and change password

Billing = add billing contact/method, view service charges, see order history

Organization Account Settings

The following options are in the Organization Dashboard:

  • Organization Settings: Update organization name and password
  • Services: Description of and link to FullCtl applications
  • Users: List of Users within your Organization. User settings can be updated here
  • Organization API Keys: Create and edit the Organization API key
  • Danger Zone: Leave or delete the Organization

Personal Account Settings

The following options are in the User Account area:

  • Account Information: Update email, name and username
  • Organization Invites: View pending invitations to join other Organizations in FullCtl
  • Preferences: Opt in/out of release note email updates from FullCtl
  • Linked Authentication: Connect your account to PeeringDB or Google
  • Personal API Keys: Access your personal API key
  • Change Password: Update your FullCtl account password

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