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FullCtl Definitions

Organization – A group of Users. The Organization Administrator can set unique permissions for each User. Each Organization has its own services from FullCtl. Billing is tied to an Organization and is based on the services signed up for.

Organization Administrator - Person who created the Organization on the FullCtl site. The Organization Administrator invites new Users and grants User permissions.

Primary Organization - The Organization set as default on a User account.

Permissions – The Read/Write allowances given to a User by an Organization Administrator. All data is tied to an Organization and Users in an Organization can access the data based on the permissions they are given.

Services – Products offered through FullCtl such as PeerCtl, ixCtl, PrefixCtl.

User – An individual with a login. A User may be part of more than one Organization. A User can set their own preferences, username and password. Some Users have Administrator privileges and can add other Users and set permissions. A User can create their own Organization and sign up for services.

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